My husband had been trying to buy me a “real” camera for YEARS, since the day we met actually. But, like many, we were poor college kids, then poor newlyweds, then homeowners… You get it. So one day, being the sweet dreamer he is, he just pulled the trigger and surprised me with a camera.

With degrees in Technology and Nursing from Purdue, we immediately jumped into the “real world” after graduation. While I was always grateful for my job, the sterile, windowless operating room walls began to suffocate me.

In this time, I became painfully aware of the importance of NOW. Living my fullest life. Seeking my highest idea. Facing my biggest fears. Awakening my weary heart. Stepping out of suffocating expectations. And running with my unique passions to create magic. So… I quit my job and we established home base in Indianapolis.

I’m crazy about the mountains and capturing wild love. That’s where you’ll find me… With my husband and a camera, pursuing what makes my heart alive.