Rants & Raves

“Working with Lauren was an absolute dream! My first look at the photos she took of my family brought tears to my eyes! I was expecting fantastic photography, but it went beyond my expectations as she captured the essence of our family in a way I’ve never seen before. And she is so fun to work with: our photoshoot was effortless! Lauren also happens to be one of the most kindhearted, genuine, and caring people I’ve ever met, and that shines through in all of her work. She captures people in the most beautiful way, and seeing this in action blew us away. We cannot recommend her enough!”
– A Couple Cooks

When I was looking for a photographer I kept telling people that I didn’t want stale, posed portraits.  I wanted an authentic, beautiful look into our day; the way that it really happened. Lauren and Casey KNOCKED it out of the park! They made capturing our day an amazing time.  Just by looking at the photos I can feel every emotion and remember every moment.  That was the goal. They captured us all exactly as we were and exactly how we felt, but in an exceptionally artistic way! We didn’t look like people smiling at a camera, we looked like people on the best day of our lives, making memories that last a lifetime. We looked like we were having the time of our lives with our friends and family, and they were just along for the ride to capture it all. I mean, who doesn’t want that!? These feelings and memories will live on FOREVER because of Krauter Photography and we couldn’t be happier for that gift! They are SO TALENTED. Period the end.

Love, Haley and Madison

Right after we got engaged we started thinking about what aspects of our wedding were the most important to us.  Beautiful photos and memories were on the top of our list. From the moment we found Lauren and Casey’s website we knew we were in love with their unique style and how effortlessly beautiful everything looked in their photos.  I met Lauren in the cutest little coffee shop and I knew right away she was the creative I was looking for to capture our wedding day.  Both Lauren and Casey were so fun to hang out with the entire day and really made our day special. They kept us calm and reminded us to take those moments to truly cherish the day. They not only were focused on getting beautiful shots, but they also made it a priority that we enjoyed every moment of the day. We couldn’t have been happier with the photos they captured and every time we look at them we can’t help but be reminded of how amazing everything was.
– Piper & Michael

One of the first things we did after getting engaged was find a photographer. After meeting with Lauren, we knew she would be the perfect fit for our special day. Lauren and Casey were really easy going and so much fun to work with. We were a little worried about the torrential downpour of rain and the ability to take photos outside, but they were able to take this challenge and turn it into something really beautiful! The photos tell a story and bring back every feeling from our wedding day. Lauren is truly talented, captured everything we wanted, and far exceeded any expectations we had. We can’t wait to use Krauter Photography in the future! Thank you so much!
– Kellie & Chris

Lauren and Casey did an outstanding job at our wedding! We were a little worried about finding a romantic setting that was close to our venue, but they killed it! They were both very professional and polite, but just assertive enough to handle our rowdy bridal party. We almost didn’t book Krauter Photography for our wedding, but after seeing Lauren and Casey’s work, we realized what a mistake that would have been. We will cherish our photos for the rest of our lives! They captured all of the important moments from the ceremony and reception, but most importantly made us feel so comfortable around them. We recommend them to all of our friends and family. Absolutely terrific!
– Ellie & Brock

After several months of researching photographers, trying to find the perfect one to capture our most important day, we finally found Lauren and Casey. We adore their work and style of photography. They catch the genuine raw moments of our love for one another. They are so much fun to work with and are super sweet people. Choosing them was the best decision! They always seem to amaze us and will continue to from here until forever as we will use them when other special moments arise. Thank you Lauren and Casey!
– Mandi & Garrett

Lauren and Casey were an absolute pleasure to work with and they captured our day beautifully! The pictures exceeded our expectations, and we were truly amazed that they could get such effortless looking photos out of two very camera-shy people. They captured the intimate nature of our wedding while allowing everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. We could not have asked for a better team of photographers and would absolutely use them again in the future.  
-Sonja & Rick

Krauter Photography was the first thing we booked after we set the wedding date. Our friends used them for their wedding and we were obsessed at how perfectly they captured their love that we had to have them! They didn’t disappoint. I’ve never seen more beautiful pictures IN MY LIFE. And we are probably biased because they are pictures of us and all of the people that we love, but they truly captured every detail, every kiss, every laugh, every moment that we could’ve possibly wanted. The image that we had of our wedding day in our heads was completely blown out of the water compared to the beautiful pictures they captured. The photos are ethereal, whimsical, forrest-y. The photos embodied us. We couldn’t have felt anymore like a little woodland fairy couple just sprinkling our love all over nature (cheesy but it’s appropriate). Lauren and Casey, thank you for being our little fairy godparents on that day letting us love each other openly, freely and in nature. This explanation truly doesn’t even do it justice what our hearts are bursting to say to you both. So.. We will just say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our love and spirit in every-single-photo!!
-Thomas & Jocelyn

I came across Krauter Photography and fell in love with the creative and authentic images Lauren and Casey produce! Having an amazing photographer(s) was at the top of my “must-haves” list after getting engaged. Lauren and Casey made us feel so comfortable during our engagement session and our photos were beyond our wildest expectations! We are so thankful to have such precious memories. We couldn’t wait to work with them on our wedding day. One of our most favorite parts of the big day was our first look, where we exchanged our personal vows. We are so lucky to have such beautiful and raw images of this moment. We truly had the most perfect wedding day! Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts! We will forever cherish the images you have given us. We are so happy with our wedding photos and we highly recommend Krauter Photography to anyone looking for incredibly talented but real photographers! 
-Brittany & Matthew

Ephraim and I loved working with Krauter Photography and were more than pleased! Our engagement session was absolutely perfect and exactly what I had envisioned in my head for a long time! Lauren and Casey made us both feel extremely comfortable and they were genuinely interested and excited about our journey that we were about to embark on. It seemed like we had known them forever, which made us more than excited to have them shoot our wedding as well! We love our wedding pictures. Our favorite thing is that all the “traditional” wedding moments were captured but they all had the Krauter Photography timeless touch. They captured moments in a way that we can’t wait to display them in our home forever. We look forward to having another reason to have Lauren and Casey capture more memories for us!

– Elizabeth & Ephraim

Living in Reno, Nevada, we decided to plan a ‘destination wedding’ in my hometown of Indianapolis.  Searching for a photographer at this distance was difficult to say the least.  We were so drawn to Krauter Photography’s images and I was taken aback by Lauren’s kindness once I reached out.  We are so thankful that Lauren and Casey were with us on our special day to capture the love and family all around us.  We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful pictures of our wedding and of the fun we all had.  Not to mention, they did an INCREDIBLE job handling my camera-shy nerves!

– Stefani & Adam

We had the opportunity to work with Lauren for our wedding this past September.  We wanted a photographer that could capture our wedding exactly as it was and exactly as we are in raw form; we wanted someone to depict the real us. She exceeded our expectations and is truly talented.  It was a joy to work with her, and we look forward to partnering with Krauter Photography as our family and lives evolve!

– Emily & Matthew

We were lucky enough to know Lauren and Casey personally prior to asking them to photograph our wedding. We knew that they shared our passions for nature, adventure, and authenticity- those things ended up shining through in a big way in our wedding photos. “Unreal” is the only word I can use to describe some of my favorite shots. We didn’t come prepared with dozens of ideas of photos we wanted, but Lauren and Casey knew just how to direct us, in a way that didn’t leave us feeling unnatural, and capture moments that really showcased genuine character and love. I was a bit of an anxious bride at times, and Lauren and Casey kept the mood easy going and calm while still making sure the day went according to plan. I couldn’t recommend them more for couples looking to have their authentic love shine through in their wedding photos, especially if you have a heart for the outdoors, because Lauren and Casey know exactly how Mother Nature looks best. 😉 

– Melissa & Keenan

Kirk and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to get to know Lauren and Casey. As I started to plan the wedding, I knew that photography was the most important piece to me. I wanted creative pictures that didn’t look staged or stiff and I can say with confidence that Krauter Photography was the right choice. I knew from the first time I met Lauren in a coffee shop that they were going to be our photographers. She made me feel totally at ease and talked me through exactly what the package I chose included. Krauter Photography also took our engagement photos, which we still get compliments on. We have them printed and hanging all over our apartment. On the day of the wedding, Lauren was so much fun and helped me re-focus on what was important when I got a little stressed out. One of my favorite parts of the day was when they took just me and my husband away to get some portraits before the reception began. They encouraged us to kiss, touch, and whisper sweet words to one another, remembering that this day was about our love for each other. The photographs we received are natural, beautiful, unique, and full of life. They perfectly captured our personalities and those special moments that we never want to forget. Lauren and Casey are authentic, sweet, professional, and so very talented. Krauter Photography is worth every penny.

 – Madison & Kirk

We were so thrilled that we found Lauren for our wedding day photography! Even before we met in person, she was so helpful, sweet and professional over the phone. Her services and how she runs her business took so much stress off of my husband and I. She was upfront and straightforward about what was included in the package we chose, and she helped us customize it to our preferences. It was SO easy. The day of the wedding, it felt like having another friend in my bridal suite as Lauren took pictures of me and my bridesmaids getting ready. She laughed with us, helped me breathe through my nerves, and captured every single moment of it all. And let me tell you all… the pictures were STUNNING. She captured surreal moments of emotion that take me back to my wedding day every time I look at them. I couldn’t be happier with the pictures we received back from Lauren. We would 100% recommend Krauter Photography!! – Madison & Robert

Zack and I absolutely ADORED Lauren and Casey. They did an amazing job from the very beginning and made the whole day even more special. The way they have you and your loved one really focus on your time together, and remind you to talk to each other throughout the day about reasons why you love one another, was such a breath of fresh air. They focus on what the day is all about and that is love, family, friendship, and a good freaking time! They were fabulous at capturing personality and raw moments. Thank you Lauren and Casey!! – Teress & Zack

We are so happy we chose Casey and Lauren to capture our wedding day. They were amazing to work with. How they conducted themselves and their demeanors allowed us to feel so comfortable around them, like we had known them for years. This enabled them to capture our authentic emotions as we laughed and cried through the magical afternoon. I love that when I look back at the pictures we don’t see posed photos, but photos that capture the love and happiness that filled that day, pretty and ugly tears, times when Lauren asked Colin and I to tell each other why we chose one another. It was so nice of them to take the two of us away from all the craziness of that day and allow our minds to escape into what truly mattered most, the arms of each other. Our session before the wedding with them and the resulting photos will be the tangible and intangible memories we cherish for the rest of our lives. We highly recommend Lauren and Casey, and if we could offer any type of advice, that would be to book them for a few extra hours ;). – Carli & Colin

We could not have asked for a more professional and thoughtful duo than Lauren and Casey — not to mention talented! They captured the essence of our day beautifully and allowed our quirkiness to shine through. What I (the guy) appreciated was their effortless preparedness that enabled the whole group to be relaxed while getting the most out of the time. What I (the gal) appreciated most was Lauren’s care for me while shooting. Whether it was to straighten my posture, fix where I place my hands, or reminding me not to look cold (though, I was). All while allowing me to be my absolute self! We recommend Lauren and Casey both as incredibly authentic people and gifted photographers! – Austin & Janelle

Seriously haven’t been able to stop looking at the photos that Lauren took ever since she sent them to us!!!!! I cannot express how thankful I am that she was the one capturing our day. She was extremely professional and so kind to me and my family. She made me feel comfortable in moments that are normally awkward and made sure I felt like I was at home in order to capture sweet moments of my husband and I. Plus she got the photos back to us so quickly!!! She has such a sweet spirit and her and her husband work so well together. I want everyone to get photos done by her because seriously you’ll feel like a MOVIE STAR. Haha, but really though.  – Melody

Most of us attempt to appreciate the people, places, and things around us and the beauty they add to our lives.  But to have someone capture that beauty for you in a photograph–that’s a gift.  We were so excited to receive a gift of family photographs to capture the beauty of this stage of our family life, a stage we will never again repeat.  Lauren and Casey both have a natural eye or knack, you might say, to not only recognize beauty around them, but to bring it to the attention of others through photography.  I am fully confident you will love Lauren and Casey as individuals as well as the beautiful photos they give you. – Sara Huber

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! We were so blessed to have Lauren and Casey capture our wedding!! They are both so genuine and REAL! I knew after I read Lauren’s bio online (totally cried) that she was AMAZING! This girl is real! They captured all the rawness and little moments you want to never forget! My whole family felt blessed by their presence! They created a sense of love and peace that I’m pretty sure everyone felt! 💗💗 Lauren was AMAZING! The day of she was just like a best friend always checking in! You WILL love her when you meet her! I honestly could go on and on about the both of them, but you should see for yourself! You will be SO happy that you did! Oh, I also want to add that our pictures and video were done within a couple of weeks  and were delivered in the cutest box!! We are still so grateful for the both of you!!


                     The Wilson’s

She knew exactly what to do. It was beautiful to watch her, with confidence and poise, capture the last bit of golden sunlight. Not only is Lauren my dear friend, she is an amazing photographer and she and Casey really do have a knack for speaking truth into people’s lives. My time with them is never less than full. It’s more than a photo shoot — it’s an experience that will leave you feeling filled up and inspired and ready to take on the world. — Bailey

Lauren did an in-home session for my partner, and I was blown away by not only the gorgeous images she created, but how comfortable and enjoyable she made the session. I’ll admit, we were a little nervous about being in front of the camera, but Lauren and Casey made it feel like just a cozy Saturday morning with old friends. We felt NO pressure, and the images she created were so real and just so true to who we are. -Cate

Lauren is nothing short of amazing! From the first time we met for my business headshots, to my sweet families photos, Lauren made me feel carefree and at ease. I could not ask for a better soul to capture the most precious moments in our lives. –Tiffany Skilling, Tiffany Skilling Interiors, LLC

When Lauren and Casey arrived at our home to photograph our newborn son, I was admittedly a little nervous about how things would go. Although I trusted them both completely, there was still the unknown of how our baby boy would cooperate! Lauren instantly calmed my fears, telling me that he was beautiful and reminding me what a miracle his life is. She helped me to feel more at ease about the process. When our little man began to get a little fussy, she and Casey made me coffee and eggs while I nursed our son. I became so relaxed and was reminded what wonderful people and friends they are. Lauren and Casey are truly servants of the Lord and aim to glorify Him in all they do! I believe all of this made the difference in how our son felt during the session and translated well into beautiful memories captured that we will cherish forever! Thank you, Krauter Photography, for providing such a wonderful experience.

-Amy Higgins

After seeing Lauren’s work online, I was immediately amazed of her talent. From that point on I knew that I had to have her take our family photos. She photographed my husband, myself, and my 2 young girls and did an absolutely AMAZING job! She was so patient with my girls and made us all feel comfortable in front of the camera. The photos she took perfectly captured the personality of my family and were ABSOLUTELY stunning! She is a joy to work with, and I look forward to her capturing my family as we continue to grow. Thanks so much Lauren! oxox -Amanda

Wow! For real people- just WOW! Working with Lauren was an absolute treat. Her sweet, gentle nature put my family (toddler included!) at ease. She was a perfect blend of approachable and professional. She has a true gift of making the entire process a dream! On top of that-our images are stellar! Her use of light, approach to shooting, and creativity captured the very essence of my tribe! Thanks a million, Lauren. I can’t wait for you to continue to catalogue our  journey! – Emily

Lauren and I did a mini shoot for a boutique that I model for featuring some new upcoming Spring pieces. It was a blast! The day was total overcast and almost rainy but Lauren was so beyond creative and the pictures turned out as if it was a beautiful sunny day. Not only were the pictures amazing and some of my favorite, but working with Lauren was such a gift! She made me feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera and captured the ways that I naturally move. I felt like ME in the process. I’ve worked with a lot of photographers that lack the relational side to working with customers but Lauren is so personable and genuinely cares about her customers and the way the final product turns out. She has one of the sweetest hearts and the rawest talent. She gives it her all! I was extremely impressed and would shoot with her again any day and now recommend her for anyone and any event. Her gift is unfolding quickly! Snag her while you can! – Maggie

This was the first time we’d taken professional photos together. I, personally, thought I’d be stiff, a task almost. Not the case, at all!  We had an engagement photo session with Lauren in a really good environment (100 Acre Gardens) near the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which really set the tone for an enjoyable evening.

The pictures came out great. They were warm, natural, and relaxed. Nothing ever felt forced or made me feel uncomfortable, notions that’d kept me from having considered professional photography in the past. Could not be happier with our experience!

Also, we brought our dog, Sprocket, out for the session. And he pretty much stole the show.

Thanks again!

– Jon